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    dylan Johnson

    Genre: COUNTRY

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    My name is Dylan Johnson, I am a 16 year old country singer song-writer From a small Town in central Florida. I was born on November 15th, 2001. I’m not your every day country singer using your everyday Country chords. I’ve had influences from so many genres of music such as Country, pop, R&B and Country rock. My idea of my music is to fuse the genres that have influenced myself together to generate one sound.


    Music has always been apart of my life from a young age. I never really looked at Music as something as a career choice, when I was younger around the ages of five and six. I would make up little verses with melody’s and create songs. And I knew I had a passion for music I just never really tapped into the inner musician down deep inside. I come from a family with a musical background where everyone knows something about music. So growing up I knew I had it in me just had to find what I wanted to learn.


    At a young age my mother put me in piano classes because she knew that I could do it if I had the right guidance. Well, piano wasn’t for me. Later on down the road my first year in middle school I decide to join the band to see what I could learn and what I would I enjoy. I learned to play brass instruments and it was something I enjoyed but didn’t have such a good grade in that class. So I decided it wasn’t for me once again.


    At the end of middle school when I was in eighth grade, I had some influences on me which left a huge impact in my life and it broke me. So that summer I devoted myself and was determined to learn the acoustic guitar, So that’s what I did! I taught myself guitar and started stringing chords and words into songs. Then that’s when it hit me! This is what I want to do with my life, this is what I enjoy it’s my purpose!


    So from that point on I’ve stayed on top of my Music and it has stayed by my side and hasn’t steered me wrong. That September I went up to Tennessee for the month and I decided to go to Nashville to record my first single which is called “You Can Drive My Truck.” Which was the best feeling ever to get my music that I wrote out there, and having people complement it and actually like my lyrics and Melody’s.


    That October was the first time I played a live venue acoustic. My first show was the Hillsborough county fair. That’s when I learned that I don’t just enjoy writing and sharing my songs, but I also I enjoy entertaining the crowd with my original songs.


    So since then I’ve released another single that December called “I Don’t Want My Time to End.” Which would eventually lead up to a album coming in 2018. The year of 2017 was a blast! I’ve played so many venues with my band. And a lot more to come for the year of 2018! I am absolutely looking forward to what the future holds.